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The South Florida Economic Foundation will host radio and television shows on regional channels and frequencies.  These shows will have as subject material the critical issues facing the region and what local organizations are doing to address these issues.  Roundtables, panels, and one-on-one interviews will discuss how various groups in the region are addressing issues like transportation, education, the environment, healthcare, etc.  These broadcasts will also feature some of the outstanding leaders in the region from government, business, and non-profits.


The Foundation will also sponsor and host events throughout the region that bring people together to work on solutions.  Leadership conferences, exchanges, fairs, and receptions will be held throughout the year in all parts of the region.


Foundation members will also be participants in other groups and, in some cases, will be representatives of other groups.  The SFEF will design and implement a communications system to keep local groups, governments, and business associations informed of the progression of the solutions being effected in the region.





Many of the solutions to issues facing the region will be the responsibility of diverse organizations.  Chambers of Commerce in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, Palm Beach, and Saint Lucie Counties; Rotary clubs, economic development organizations, redevelopment and environmental organizations, business organizations (Broward Workshop, Exec’s, etc.), and regional and local planning organizations (MPO’s, RPC’s, etc.) will all be working on solutions to the same issues.  Adding State of Florida agencies to this mix can create a confusion of executions that will actually stall implementation.  It is the function of the South Florida Economic Foundation to help coordinate the activities of this myriad of organizations.


Many of the conferences sponsored and conducted by the SFEF will be oriented toward helping these many organizations talk to each other so that all understand who is doing what.


The Foundation will also host a governmental conference each year on the subjects its membership deem important to the economic health of the region.  Representatives of all the regional governments in the specialties being discussed will be invited to participate and demonstrate their executions of solutions.  If possible, these conferences will be sponsored by members of the Foundation so local governments can participate without the expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

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