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Networking with a Purpose:


The South Florida Economic Foundation is focused on the health of the regional economy.  Therefore, it will host a series of events and conferences intended to inform local, regional, and national businesses about the resources that are available to them from local educational organizations, governmental agencies, and other businesses. 


The Foundation realizes that one of its main functions is to help regional businesses expand and succeed.  It will offer connections for those businesses to funding, employee training, employee search, transportation alternatives, and business services.


Business events will focus on exposing new and growing businesses to possible sources of revenue and connections to potential clients.  Business fairs, expo’s, and process training will be aimed at incubating new businesses and expanding existing businesses in the region.


All of the economic development organizations in the region will be given complementary memberships in the Foundation.  Although the SFEF will have no part in marketing the region to businesses, helping businesses relocate to the area, or enticing businesses to stay in the region, the Foundation will maintain a close association with those organizations that do.  The Foundation will support those organizations and coordinate its activities to make sure there is no duplication of efforts.

South Florida Economic Foundation
150 E Davie Blvd 301
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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